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Super Rainbow Dash - Animations

Embrace your true destiny, Rainbow Dash. :iconlux-klonoa:Lux-Klonoa 31 11 Request - Transformation :icontehjadeh:TehJadeh 3,219 534 ANIMATION TEST: Super RD :iconmegaartist923:MegaArtist923 3 9 Super Rainbow Dash- Ryu Stance Animated :icondestro-the-dragon:Destro-the-Dragon 19 2 Super Rainbow Dash:Sonic-Style Transformation :icondestro-the-dragon:Destro-the-Dragon 46 17 Hyper Rainbow Dash - come and get some! :iconneriani:Neriani 240 24 Hyper Rainbow Dash flying FX test :iconneriani:Neriani 161 31 Hyper Rainbow Dash walking Animation :iconneriani:Neriani 297 42 Ascended Rainbowdash Transformation: Animation :icontrakker:Trakker 31 17
Animations of Super Rainbow Dash and higher ascensions that were concepted by other people.

Two of these are also on YouTube, btw, so just search for "Super Rainbow Dash" and you'll find them along with a bunch of fanart montage tributes.

Super Rainbow Dash

With My Soul on Display (Comm) :iconsheandog:sheandog 237 18 Super Rainbow Dash :iconstellarway:StellarWay 89 10 Commission: Super Rainbow Dash :iconaleximusprime:AleximusPrime 199 42 Da Supah Afffro Saian Roinbuw Dush :iconmingraine:MingRaine 249 10 Super Rainbow Dash - Energy Ball (Comm) :iconsheandog:sheandog 159 10 Super Rainbow Dash :iconemotionless-marigold:Emotionless-Marigold 13 11 Super rainbow dash :F/D: :iconskittian:Skittian 58 5 Commission: THIS is how you Sonic Rainboom! :iconmychelle:Mychelle 186 53 Super Rainbow Dash EG v2 :iconzephyrcloud25:zephyrcloud25 14 3 Coming Right Back At Ya! ~ Commission :iconponyecho:PonyEcho 261 42 Super Rainbow Dash :iconservidorchan77:Servidorchan77 75 3 SUPERSONIC X RAINBOWDASH :icontheroyalprincesses:Theroyalprincesses 135 47 Request: Super Surprise :icondonparpan:DonParpan 33 41 Super Rainbow Dash (Commission) :iconartoftheghostie:artoftheghostie 273 14 Super Sonic and Super RD: Kamehame-Hadoken!!! :iconferrumflos1st:FerrumFlos1st 130 38
Super Rainbow Dash Stamp by Super-Hedgehog Super Rainbow Dash Stamp by Super-Hedgehog

Click "Browse Collection" below this description for more.

DA Group:


The Destined Flame and Soul of Harmony, in "Harmonic Spectrum."

My fanonical (and NOT an OC, btw) concept of an uber-powered transformation for Rainbow Dash. Originally spawned out of my head in summer 2011 (and predating Hasbro's Rainbow Power) as a need to further match Sonic the Hedgehog, as the two of them are extremely similar to each other.

Super Rainbow Dash originally appeared in two of the fanfics in my old Super Klonoa universe, at first using the seven Chaos Emeralds from the Sonic franchise to transform. However, because the Sonic franchise's reputation had dropped in recent years with a series of badly developed games, because Equestria Daily's visitors and pre-readers REALLY don't take kindly to Sonic or anything relating to him such as the Chaos Emeralds appearing on the site at all, and due to some very interesting theories I've heard on Rainbow Dash (see them here: super-rainbow-dash-z.deviantar…), I decided to retcon those two fics and had, since 2012, been working on a fic that has her transforming through the Elements of Harmony instead, basing it on those same theories, that'll also hopefully meet EqD's high quality standards as well (this has since been abandoned, however, since EqD's pre-reading policy has become unfavorable). The fic is titled "Harmonic Spectrum."

You can read the complete rough draft version of the fic on my gallery here, or the improved version on my FiMFiction page:…

As seen in this art collection of her and in "HS," the appearance of her transformation is as follows:

-A pure white coat with ruby red eyes. (required) She basically becomes an albino, and was based off of Lux Klonoa, who in turn was inspired by the various albino characters in various anime such as Soul Eater and Fullmetal Alchemist.
-A waving, rising, flaming rainbow mane and tail that emits embers from them (or simply a spiked-up rainbow mane, if artists so choose). (required) Inspired by Twilight Sparkle's enraged burning form and the Super Saiyans of DBZ as well as Super Sonic (especially if artists choose the spiked-up rainbow mane instead of the waving flame and embers, or a combination of both. Depends, really).
- Super Rainbow Dash's cutie mark by Lux-KlonoaThe cloud part of her cutie mark changes from white to storm grey. (required) Since the vector of her by GeoNine, artists have begun to do the same afterwards, by changing the cloud part of it to storm grey in order to avoid blending in with her white coat. Character-wise, by making it storm grey, it symbolizes the great, sheer, Harmonic power that is wildly swirling within Super Dash.
-The Element of Loyalty necklace on. (optional) Since I originally made her transform through the Chaos Emeralds, I was at first going to go without it. But then, I got a suggestion from someone to include it and it stuck ever since. Now in "Harmonic Spectrum" and onwards, the true hidden potential of the Elements of Harmony gets unlocked by Dash, and so the Harmonic energy from the other necklaces and the Crown of Magic gets siphoned into her own necklace and into herself as well, siphoning enough to make her transform.
-Large pegasus wings. (optional) Inspired by fanart depicting normal Dash with large wings instead of her normal small ones. Combined with her being white, it certainly makes her look almost angelic, no?

The styling of the flames/mane and the size of the wings may vary in artwork of her, as well as the exact shade of white.

As shown on the poster above, my personal unofficial theme for Super Rainbow Dash is "5OUL ON D!SPLAY" from Gran Turismo 5.


Rainbow Dash is © Hasbro/Lauren Faust.

The design of her Super form may be made up by me, but the overall character still belongs to them. It was not anywhere near difficult to design such a transformation anyway, and as such, they could easily design her like this if they wanted to.

So as far as I understand, Hasbro is well within their legal rights to use such a concept if they wish. I cannot exactly sue them over such a commonly-used concept of a Super form as well as many design aspects of her that are common as well. Unless their legal system goes deeper than I can understand, they are free to claim ownership of it as they wish.


Undertale - Dreemurr Sibling squad :icontc-96:TC-96 1,748 257 AT: Guardians Asriel and Frisk :iconglowpop20:GlowPOP20 17 6 Howdy! :iconsweeneykitkat:sweeneykitkat 21 8 UT: Asriel Dreemurr! :iconxgglitch:xGGlitch 77 16 Asriel [Undertale] :iconmlpbasesegrr:MLPBASESEGRR 52 13 Team Asriel :iconvarufox:VaruFox 12 0 Asriel :iconalexa1alexa:Alexa1Alexa 137 4 Forms of Asriel! :iconmanana-chan:Manana-chan 7 0 I'll see you again [UNDERTALE] :iconvno-namev:VNO-NAMEV 23 12 What if Asriel lived :iconabsolutedream:AbsoluteDream 4,446 276 Asriel doodles :iconlightzgc:LightzGc 9 0 You've fallen down, haven't you... :iconhyes93214:hyes93214 22 5 Asriel's Flower :iconwell-herewego:Well-HereWeGo 8 2 The little goat son :iconchibigere:Chibigere 27 1 Asriel :iconseacsahary:seacsahary 27 0 {Undertale} Asriel :iconiishadowraven2001:IIShadowRaven2001 13 1



Lux Klonoa
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The Dreamer of Light, Lux Klonoa.

General gamer. Brony. The creator of the fanon concept of Super Rainbow Dash. Embrace your true destiny, Rainbow Dash. by Lux-Klonoa

A long-time member of DA, since 2003.




Skype: Lux Klonoa (or live:chaos443_2)

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FiMFiction Page:…

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Jay Stephens' Jetcat cartoon shorts from "Kablam!":

Gaming info:
PlayStation Network: Super_Klonoa (main) / Flame_of_Harmony (alternate)
Steam Account Name: ludo404

Group founder of:
:iconharmonic-spectrum: - Super Rainbow Dash and other pony transformations.
:iconasriel-fans: - The Absolute God of Hyperdeath!

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Anti Rainbow Power Stamp (edited description) by Lux-Klonoa

Would you be interested if I started a server of my own on Discord (the chat app, not the spirit of chaos)? 

15 deviants said Yeah, sure, why not?
4 deviants said Nah, I'm good.
Yeah, journal entry this time due to how significant this is.

Talk about coming out of nowhere. O_o…

As Variety reports, a Klonoa movie has just been announced and will be made by U.S. based animation company, Henshin. Rob Pereyda, who was the head of ShiftyLook some years ago, is the head of the company and joining him on the film will be Hitoshi Ariga, the artist who did the Klonoa webcomic on ShiftyLook. There also seems to be a new piece of concept art as well, which depicts Klonoa wearing a rather badass yellow trenchcoat and a pair of yellow shorts. Wow, Klonoa wearing a trenchcoat of all things. That is unexpected.

No further details have been reported, and the movie seemingly hasn't started production yet, so it might be a few years down the road before we can watch it.

As for my thoughts, give me some time to process this. I will update this journal.


Okay, so here are my thoughts on this.

Wow, and I mean, wow. This literally came out of nowhere. Klonoa, an obscure character that I and many other fans have been trying to keep alive for years now, is getting a movie of all things. (And an anime movie, btw, according to Ariga) You were expecting him to get another game or something, not an unlikely movie. But alas, here we are. And as a Klonoa fan since 2001, I have to say that this is a rather brilliant and smart move here. Probably the smartest move Namco has made in a while, really.

Why? Well, let's face it. If you frequent NeoGAF or just about any gaming news site/forum, then you'd have heard a bunch of horror stories about several gaming studios/publishers such as THQ and this year's Evolution Studios (developers of Driveclub) shutting down due to their games bombing in sales and other reasons. And then there's game development budgets ballooning into the multi-millions, the so-called "AAA" part of gaming itself so that they'd look great, play great, feel like interactive movies, etc. It's why you see such sometimes awful practices such as paid DLC, F2P-style microtransactions (want your NBA player to have a 99 rating? Buy 75,000 VC and similar stuff like that), season passes with half the value that you paid for the pass, etc. All so to keep this "AAA" part of gaming sustainable, giving gamers what they want such as awesome graphics and gameplay.

Given all that and how the Klonoa Wiimake bombed badly when it released due to a lack of advertising, I began to see that making another game would be a very risky move today. Imagine a Klonoa game on PS4 with the graphics of Ratchet and Clank 2016, only that it bombed again like usual. It would do some rather extreme damage to Namco Bandai. So much that maybe that they'd never do another AAA game again at all or something. And given the fact that I was really disappointed to see Evo Studios shut down earlier this year (Driveclub was one hell of a racing game), it'd kill me to see the likely permanent death of Klonoa like that. And admittedly, it felt like that after 2002 when Heroes was last released. Fortunately, they kept him alive throughout this last decade and a half by putting him in their other games such as the Tales series and Soulcalibur 5 as a cameo (man, he'd be badass in Soulcalibur with the Wind Saber). And of course, the Wiimake and the Noctis Sol webcomic.

So that's why it's a smart move on their part. Doing movies, anime ones, is cheaper than doing a game (correct me if I'm wrong, btw). And it's one that will likely be what finally causes Klonoa to be the worldwide icon that he deserves to be.

Did I mention that his trenchcoat is badass? Seriously, I never expected him to wear such an awesome thing. Kinda funny since I'm the one doing badass things to him, really. =P


Opened it up:

Discord automatically archives your messages, so in case you or I miss anything, you can see them the next time you log in.

Have fun chatting with others, then. =P
Been a while since I last posted a status update, huh? Well, I've been having some real life issues (mostly mobility and chair issues since someone in my family made a really idiotic decision. One I could've avoided had I shut my mouth up, though. >_>) and I've been gaming a lot, so yeah, no update on the Klonoa fic unfortunately. =/

I'll try to work on it, soon. Maybe. Maybe not. I dunno. *shrug* As always, I'm unpredictable.

In the meantime, though. here. I think you'll find these last five tweets from me interesting:
You know, I'm kinda thankful that there's people like hotsun6392 that are keeping Super Dash alive while I'm working on Lux Klonoa's fic. Hotsun just did this, btw:

fighting is magic - Super Rainbow Dash by hotsun6392

Yep, Fighting is Magic, for those of you who remember it. A few years ago, before Hasbro C&D the game itself, I was planning to somehow get Super Dash into the game. A goal in a long list of goals of mine in order to get her canon, and the only way I'd be able to achieve any of them was to get her popular: commission the fuck out of her, get the fic onto Equestria Daily (which I've failed to do, unfortunately), etc.

That was all in 2012-2014, btw, and as much as it may seem like I gave up on all of it, I haven't. For both Klonoa and Rainbow Dash.

And if it requires me to spill the beans on who I am and how it's like to live with the disabilities that I have (read: not easy)... then so be it.

I'm not going to do that now, though. But at this rate, it's inevitable that I will. As they say, "Nothing lasts forever."

In the meantime, then, I have to say... Thank you to any and all of you that keep Super Dash alive. The artists, the animators, the people who do those video tributes of her on YouTube... Without all of you, she might as well be as obscure as canon Klonoa is now.

Thanks for doing them for me. =)

To close this up, here, have another pic of her that I spotted recently:

The sky goddess by TsuDashie
You know the Supreme Kai of Time from the Dragon Ball Xenoverse subseries of games? Well, it seems that recently in Dragon Ball Heroes, they gave her a name...

...and it's one that may shock you.…

Same exact Japanese characters as well. I guess "kuro" not only means "black" in Japanese, but it's also their word for "chro," the prefix for time, as well.

Wouldn't be surprised if Namco Bandai, the publisher of the DB games, had a hand in this.
Seems like DA has, at some point, implemented support for embedding Twitch streams:

Guess I may start streaming more often, then. =P

The embedded Twitch stream will now be in my deviantID widget, btw. And of course, if it says I'm live, that means I'm live. =P


Mar 22, 2017
8:50 pm
Mar 22, 2017
5:34 pm
Mar 22, 2017
5:31 pm
Mar 22, 2017
4:58 pm
Mar 22, 2017
3:52 pm

A teaser of an upcoming FPS mod...


Q: Can I use your concepts of Super Rainbow Dash and/or Lux Klonoa? Pretty pleeeeease? *puppy dog eyes*

A: There's no need to ask me at all. Feel free to use them as you wish, and you don't even have to credit me at all unless you want to. Just do not claim them as your own, as they still belong to Hasbro and Namco Bandai.

Q: Regarding your unclothed Klonoa/Lux Klonoa/Asriel concepts here, when I request or commission art of them, do you mind if they're drawn in a more realistic, more humanoid style?

A: I put up this question because earlier, a friend of mine had pretty much threatened to stop being generous because I didn't like what the artist that he commissioned had drawn, which had made them pretty pissed off towards me. So I had no choice but to fave the pic to make them both happy again.

The truth is, I find such realistic art of Klonoa/Asriel to be really, really cringeworthy. I mean, both characters are three-foot-tall animal cartoon characters. Unless Asriel is his adult God of Hyperdeath self, it's really unfitting to see both characters with man breasts, hips, etc., IMHO. =/

So please don't make the same mistake as the aforementioned artist did. I should've put this up earlier because if I did, I wouldn't be receiving these threats from a fellow friend that I recently value. =/

From now on, if I see anymore realistic art of them, I will say nothing of it and ignore it to avoid pissing anybody off. And given my long history of being involved in drama, pissing anyone off, especially if they're friends, is sorely the last thing I want to do here.

Q: So why is he "Lux" Klonoa now? Didn't he used to be called Super Klonoa?

A: Yeah, he used to be called that up until 2016. The reason I changed it is because I didn't want the concept to be associated with Sonic anymore. That, and some fans agreed on that front that the name reminded them too much of Sonic, so I gave him a more unique name. Given the Final Fantasy franchise's strong tradition of using the Latin language to name nearly everything in their games, I decided to do the same: pick out a word more suitable for this white-furred transformation of Klonoa. I Googled the Latin word for light, and it gave me "lux."

And plus, I think Namco and their affiliates are heading down this direction as well anyway, given the title of their webcomic, "Klonoa: Dream Traveler of Noctis Sol," and that there is a character named Tenebrae in it, being Latin for darkness.

Fun tidbit, btw: I could've chosen to derive from any other language, and I did consider that. There were words for light like, "Argi," "Solus, "and "Claro." But given how Final Fantasy makes the Latin language sound epic and fun, I ultimately went with it. XD

As for Super Rainbow Dash, well, it's too late for me to rename her as she is widely known at this point, unlike Lux Klonoa (and Klonoa in general). If I had the chance, though, I'd have renamed her to simply "Harmonic Rainbow Dash."

And as for why I'm trying to get away from Sonic, see the below question.

Q: What happened to all of the Sonic stuff on your gallery and favorites? Your art groups? Are you still a Sonic fan, even?

A: Due to Sonic, both the character and the franchise as a whole, being continuously shitted upon as the Internet's biggest punching bag, something that even SEGA themselves decided to embrace, no, I'm not a Sonic fan anymore. I thought that after the success of both Colors and Generations, the franchise would be back to the way it was before Shadow and Sonic '06. But with the mediocre release of Lost World and the catastrophic failure of Boom, things quickly fell back down again. And I'm sick of it. That, and with how the Sonic fanbase continues to be regarded as the worst fanbase in the world with a bunch of strange people in it, well, I don't want to be suddenly thrown in with the rest of them when I have done nothing to deserve it. Save for my long history of causing unnecessary drama, that is. But that's another reason why I'm distancing myself from Sonic, as I was once really obsessed with seeing both Sonic and Klonoa together in a game.

Super Rainbow Dash and unclothed/Lux Klonoa may have been inspired by Sonic in the first place, but that's it. They are both no longer crossovers with Sonic. And besides, Sonic didn't exactly invent the things that I love anyway. That honor goes to Felix the Cat for the unclothed cartoon animal trope and Dragon Ball for the Super form trope. In other words, Sonic merely made me love those two tropes, and I learned to love them without him.

As for me going to Sonic artists for Klonoa, it's because I feel that they're the only ones who can draw him properly. It does NOT mean that I'm secretly still a Sonic fan.


Q: I'm a Garry's Mod/Source Filmmaker user. Is there a model for Super Dash that I could use?

A: Yes, there is one by RainbineDashie on my gallery: Super Rainbow Dash - For use in GMod and SFM by Lux-Klonoa


Q: Any plans to go. Even. Further. Beyoooond?! (I.e. a Hyper Rainbow Dash)

A: Other than some existing animations here, no, I absolutely have no plans for that, and it's overall pointless for her when she can just keep on training and improving her Super form.


Q: What about the rest of the Mane Six? Will they also have Super forms as well, not counting the awful Rainbow Power forms?

A: Other than maybe Twilight Sparkle trying to gain control of her burning form, nope, no plans. Besides, there's a very good reason why only Dash can go Super, and that's because she's pretty much the full representation of all six Elements of Harmony, with Loyalty still being her strongest. She's the destined and long-lost Flame and Soul of Harmony, in other words.


Q: Do you do requests or art trades of anything?

A: I don't do any of those, as I'm only a commissioner who goes around commissioning people to do Lux Klonoa and Super Dash. I cannot draw in real life because I'm a disabled person. Therefore, I can only write fanfics, and even then, I don't do requests on those. Sorry.

Bu-but even disabled people can do stuff! I'm sure you can draw.

Honestly, the last person who said that to me several years ago grew to be a total asshole who automatically assumed that every person can still do stuff no matter what the disability was. This was also the same person who pretty much went rampant on certain sites, saying that my stuff at the time was deemed worthy to be satirized the hell out of. This was at a time where bronies didn't exist yet, btw.

In short, don't be a fool like she was and assume stuff about me. I cannot draw. At all. And I hope you respect that instead of trying to convince me otherwise.

lololololololol you can't draw and only post commissions, while other people can. sucks for yooou

...My response? This:

Not only is that statement seriously offensive to us disabled folk, but it really screams that you have some sort of superiority complex or similar flaw. =/


Q: I heard that you (insert rumor here) and that you (insert another rumor here). Are they true?

A: It depends on what the rumors are about. Please comment on my page with details and I will answer.

If the rumors are something ridiculous like, "He wants Sonic and Rainbow Dash to engage in eternal sex and pleasure," then they're definitely NOT true at all. =/

I'm seeing you on (insert site here) causing drama and havoc and generally being immature. Is this really you here?

Chances are, it's not me and more likely someone impersonating me. I've made the decision in 2014 not to post on anymore message forums except for one: GTPlanet. Anywhere else, it's someone else who is either a fan of mine or is impersonating me.

I hear you have a mental problem of some sort?

In other words, do I have autism? No, I do not. I never was diagnosed with it in my life, just my physical disability. And I never even heard the term before Chris-chan came around. Now that guy is more than just autistic, and to even see someone compare me to him is just really wrong and off. =/

I can be obsessed. I can be ranty. I may even have some unusual, but sensible things that I do here (which I would be forced to delete if it blows up in my face here). But they do not automatically classify me as having such a disorder. Many famous people today and historical figures in the past have had these traits. If I am autistic for having these traits, then I guess they are/were as well.

(And I guess that includes the majority of bronies as well, considering that we like something that was originally intended for little girls. Welp, that's trolling 101 for you: misdiagnose someone to bring him or her below you, so that you feel superior to them in your mind. Kinda sad, really)


Any more FAQs will be added here if people ask them enough or otherwise.


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